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2022-11-15 17:06:04 By : xiwei zhao

Aussie home owners are taking to social media to complain of a new “drain fly” plague which is sweeping through kitchens across the country.

Scores of Facebook users have posted in recent weeks to seek advice on an influx of “fruit flies” that have invaded their homes.

WATCH ABOVE: ‘Drain fly’ plague sweeps through Aussie kitchens

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“Please help, my kitchen is full of fruits flies,” said one Facebook user on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia page. “I googled everything and tried different traps.

“So far banana in apple [cider] vinegar works great (lots of dead flies in there). But the new ones keep coming from nowhere.”

Another wrote: “Anyone else got a fruit fly plague happening in their kitchens? They’re everywhere and nothing I do gets rid of them.”

However cleaning experts have been quick to point out that the nuisance pests may not be fruit flies, and could in fact be drain flies.

Drain flies, they say, look and act like fruit flies - but can be found predominantly around kitchen sinks and, you guessed it, drains.

They can also be found on the roof of your kitchen or bathroom, above where your sinks are located.

“I thought I had fruit flies and did every hack possible to get rid of them - but nothing worked,” said one.

“Then a friend who works in pest control told me they’re more likely to be drain flies and told me what to do. They were gone for good.

“I had never heard of drain flies before! My mind was blown.”

Said another: “They’re from the drain. Trust me. We get them in our kitchen and bathrooms, they’re a pain!”

Wrote a third: “Drain flies. I went mad trying to get rid of fruit flies - turns out they were coming from the drain.”

The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to help remove the pesky flies from your sinks.

Most experts and cleaning fans suggest pouring jugs of boiling water down your sink every day until the flies disappear. Some also suggest pouring bleach or Domestos and fly spray down the sink also, to help “kill off the fly eggs”.

“My pest control guy said to boil the kettle and run it down the drain,” said one. “And if you have a double sink do both.”

Another added: “Boiling water down the drains - and even spray some fly spray down there first thing in the morning, before any water goes down the plug hole so all the bugs are down in there. They come out once you start using the drains.”

A third wrote: “I’m having the same problem. They keep showing up out of nowhere. Just discovered they like to lay their eggs in kitchen sink. Been pouring Domestos down the sink and keeping the plug in the sink too.”

One more suggested: “Pour thick bleach (Domestos) into the kitchen sink drain every night and keep the sink plug in 24/7.

“It takes a few days. I tried everything to rid my kitchen of these tiny flies and since I tried this, I use it whenever they appear, it works.”